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Have you got pets? Oftentimes, hosting one or a quantity of pets can promote foul smells around your home. Pets can attract foul odors from being outside in addition to the realization they do not bathe as regularly as humans. You can combat the odor of your pets by lighting herbal incense throughout your home. There may be a specific room that the pet or pets like to use his or her 'den.' Sporadically ignite herbal incense in those rooms to keep it smelling pleasant.

Do you find yourself spending lots of money on store-bought potpourri or other products that promote pleasant smells? These items can become an exorbitant, added cost since you constantly have to buy refills or replace them. Herbal incense offers a cheap option to other store-bought products. Sticks and cones can last quite a long time each and come in economically-priced packs of ten or even more.

Would you like to cook often? Cooking in your own home can be a pleasant experience plus an economical choice instead of eating out. It is not uncommon for food odors to linger long afterwards the meal has been completed. Light herbal incense around or in your kitchen to neutralize and eradicate the odor of strong food odors.


People often purchase hampers to curb the smell of dirty laundry, yet foul odors can always emanate from the hamper or holding bin into other parts of the home. Light herbal incense in your laundry room or around your hamper to be able to defeat foul smells originating from laundry which has not yet been cleaned.

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