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If you've ever wondered how the sound is carried from an electric guitar to an amplifier and what causes it to be work, here are 10 helpful information about guitar pickups. Fundamental essentials guitar's equivalent of a vocalist's microphone. Without these clever small things it might be practically impossible for any guitar to become heard in large venues, where could which have left the astonishing Jimi Hendrix?

1. The very first elctro-magnetic pickup was invented in 1924 by Lloyd Loar of the Gibson Guitar company.

2. In the center of a pickup is a magnet. This magnet is usually alnico in construction, quite simply, made of aluminium (Al), nickel (Ni) and cobalt(Co), hence al-ni-co.

3. The plastic bobbins of the vintage 1950s humbucker pickup were created of butyrate plastic.

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4. The humbucker pickup was invented by Gibson's Seth Lover in the '50s and in 1955 Gibson filed for the official patent for his humbucker. Subsequently, the Gibson 'Patent Applied For' PAF humbucker was made. This particular pickup was an inventive design that was able to cancel any electronic hum interference, or perhaps in other words 'buck the hum'. It was a significant improvement within the single coil design so far as quality of sound goes.

5. A humbucker pickup could have up to 10,000 turns off coil wire. This wire is almost as fine as human hair.

6. A number of pickups are often wax potted. This is actually the system of sealing the coils in a paraffin and wax mix. The purpose of this is to avoid unwanted microphonics and electronic squeals which could occur if coil windings and also the pickups as a whole, are not sealed tightly. Interestingly, the legendary 1950's PAF pickup outlined above was never wax potted.

7. These days numerous Strat style guitars can be purchased with the middle pickup RWRP (reverse wound, reverse polarity). This means that even though the pickups could hum by themselves, this hum gets cancelled when the middle pickup becomes combined with the neck or bridge pickup using the selector switch within the "in-between" positions.


8. The bridge pickup on a Fender Telecaster has a steel plate placed directly under it that can help enhance the bass response.

9. The six rods inside a Fender Stratocaster pickup are magnets. The varying heights that most of these contain is there to balance the string volume.

10. The P-90 is really a large single coiled style pickup that has a strong tone along the lines of a humbucker. On account of the look of the two types they have received what they are called 'soapbar' and 'dogear'.

Now you're armed with this information you can go and grab the ideal pickup for that sound you need. If that's an original PAF humbucker, be ready to commence saving.

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